Become one of the 250 voices that will change the way we experience the Bible.

About the project

30 Hollywood actors, including some of the biggest Hollywood stars, will participate in the recordings of the Audio Bible Super Production alongside 100 voice talents from all over the world.

What makes this project really stand out is the highest quality of 3D sound recorded in Formosa studio – responsible for sound for hits like The Revenant, Mad Max, games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and many more. The immersive experience for the listener is guaranteed
as we traveled to Israel to record the original sounds of the Holy Land.

Join us on this journey!

It’s simple. We will pick 100 voice actors from around the world.
This could be you!

Step 1 - application

    1. Leave your e-mail and then...

    2. ...Record a casting verse from the Bible (as your audition)

    click below to download the verse

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    I want to win a role in the world’s biggest audio play.
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    The Application process ends on 30th of September 2021

    Step 2 - voting

    After the initial screening, the audience will pick
    the winners who will join the cast. Winners will get new roles assigned and will take part in the recording sessions. The best applications will be posted here and voting for the final 100 will begin. 

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    The Polish version of the Audio Bible Super Production was an audio production with almost 500 artists and 10 000 extras who recorded a one hundred hour long audiobook. Take a look at our previous project.

    How we did it in poland