La Biblia Audio Superproducción – here comes the world’s biggest audio drama in history. Soon available in Spanish-speaking countries!

Osorno Media, the Audio Bible Super Production producer, signed a partnership contract with The Latin American Episcopal Council, a council of the Roman Catholic bishops of Latin America, better known as CELAM.

K.Czeczot, the CEO of Osorno Media, stated: “I am thrilled and equally grateful that we have the opportunity to produce the world’s largest and most outstanding biblical audio production. After several years of hard work, we’re finally ready for the premiere of our radio production. The first part – the New Testament, will be released in June 2022”.

After a tremendous success in Poland (1,7 mln downloads and over 5 mln views on YouTube, Soundcloud and the Audio Bible mobile app), the project is ready to conquer the hearts of Spanish-speaking audiences.

The first recordings are planned in Bogota (Stereo Joint Studios). People from all walks of life will be represented by 70 voices who will record 70 psalms. More than 1000 professional voice actors will record their parts in Madrid, Buenos Aires (Waira Studio), and Monterey (OPCOM Media Group) in the upcoming months.

The audio drama is based on LATAM (Biblia de la Iglesia en America) – the first Bible created especially for Spanish-speaking countries. The best scholars have worked on this project for the past 10 years. This production truly stands because of the 3D sound, dedicated music, and background sounds recorded in the Holy Land.

Fr. David Jasso Ramírez, the Deputy Secretary-General of CELAM, had this to say:

“It is an honor for the Latin American Episcopal Council to collaborate with Catholic professionals interested in evangelizing and bringing Sacred Scripture’s inspiration to audio. I am convinced that the development in our communities of a process of initiation into Christian life continues to be urgent. As stated in Document of Aparecida No. 289: begin with the kerygma and guided by the Word of God, lead to a personal, growing encounter with Jesus Christ”.

Who’s behind this project? 

Founder of the Audio Bible project – Krzysztof Czeczot, an experienced actor, director, and producer who has produced over 400 hours of dramatized audiobooks (Game of Thrones, The Godfather, Blade Runner).

Polish entrepreneur – Marek Maślanka (a philanthropist and visionary, who, for several years, has been successfully combining the development of technology business with investing in art and innovative artists.

The official premiere of La Biblia Audio Superproducción (based on Biblia de la Iglesia en America/CELAM) is planned for the fourth quarter of 2022. 


Discover the most epic audio drama in the world – now in 3D sound! Announcing the premiere of The Audio Bible Super Production.

The Audio Bible Super Production is a one-of-a-kind ecumenical project. Following the success of the Polish language edition, the American version is the world’s most significant 3D audio drama for English-speaking audiences.

What makes this title stand out? First, the chapters of Old and New Testaments were read by over 150 performers. The recordings took place at the legendary Formosa studio – responsible for sound for hits such as The Revenant, Mad Max, or games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield. It’s dedicated music and background noises were recorded in the Holy Land. The sound brings the listeners to the places where it all started – to Jerusalem. And because the sound is binaural, the whole experience becomes immersive and unforgettable.

The Audio Bible Super Production was created with everyone in mind. It aims at providing a new way to learn, not only about the Christian faith, but also history and culture. This approach makes it a true inspiration for thinkers and artists.

From 31st January 2022 you are able to download The Audio Bible app and discover the Biblical world. Get access to all recordings whenever you are, download chapters and listen to them off-line without interruptions, use bookmarks to revisit favorite fragments. Choose between Budget and Premium subscription plans to suit your needs.

Who’s behind this project?

Krzysztof Czeczot
Experienced actor, director, and producer. Krzysztof has produced over 400 hours of dramatized audiobooks, among others: Game of Thrones, The Godfather and Blade Runner. Winner of The Best European Audio Play.

Marek Zmysłowski
Successful executive and entrepreneur with a proven track record. Co-founder of Jumia Travel – listed on NYSE as part of Jumia Group – a travel technology company. Ex Rocket Internet, Glovo, OLX. 

Marek Maślanka
Philanthropist and visionary, who for several years has been successfully combining the development of technology with art and investing in innovative artists.

Delfina Zdanowicz
Project manager based between London and Warsaw. Graduate of the London South Bank University with a BA in Creative Production. Delfina has over 10 years of experience in the audio production field working on numerous super productions.

Maciej Zych
The most valuable and important set of ears in the team. Maciej graduated from the Sound Design School in Warsaw. He has years of experience gained in the field, also working as a musician.


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Polish Biblical Production with (Business) Angels and Hollywood Stars Plans to Conquer the World

Created by the well-known Polish actor, producer, and director Krzysztof Czeczot, Audio Bible Super-production concluded the investment round of USD 2 million and started production of the English version at legendary Hollywood studio. Investors include Marek Maślanka, Marek Zmysłowski and Krzysztof Czeczot.

The Polish version of the Audio Bible Super-production was the world’s first Audio Bible project of such scale and quality. Almost 500 artists and 10,000 extras took part in the recording to create the final audiobook, which is over 100 hours in length. The sound effects were recorded in Israel, and the entire story is immersed in the sounds of symphonic music commissioned for the Audio Bible. The project went viral in Poland. Around 200,000 people listen to the Audio Bible regularly through various media channels. 100 people who will win our contest, will also join the cast, two from each US state. Krzysztof Czeczot and his partners plan to repeat this success overseas, this time on a completely different scale.

Krzysztof Czeczot: “130 Hollywood actors, including famous Oscar-winning names, will participate in the English production alongside 100 amateurs from all over the world. The English-language version of the Audio Bible will be made in 3D sound technology. (It’s the world’s first biblical production using this technology). The recordings for the radio play take place at the legendary Formosa studio – responsible for sound for hits, such as The Revenant, Mad Max, or games such as Call of Duty or Battlefield. Our production will be available on a modern mobile application. “

The project is supported by Marek Zmysłowski, a well-known Polish entrepreneur, co-founder of Jumia Travel, listed on the New York Stock Exchange within the group, and SunRoof – a producer of solar roofs. Marek Maślanka, new key strategic investor, who is the owner of mdm NT sp.z o.o. – a company that is a European leader in the production of roof accessories and the co-founder of the “Netflix of Polish theatre” – TheMuBa portal.

Marek Maślanka: “The Audio Bible Super Production is an amazing project as it allows everyone to engage with religious work in a captivating form, which is a multi-character radio play available on a mobile application. We intend to reinvest profits into new language versions, all in the spirit of dialogue and ecumenical unity.”


The American Audio Bible is now available for pre-order with a 50% discount. Polish users, when purchasing, also receive free access to the Polish version for adults and children.